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3 Granny-selected books wrapped in a unique, gift-able Granny “P.A.C.” for family reading from newborn through elementary school and beyond teaching messages of PEACE, ACCEPTANCE, AND COMPASSION.

Families, Families, Families – Suzanne & Max Lang – an absolutely delightful book that covers the wide spectrum of family formations that children will encounter in their lives, that exist in our beautifully diverse world. As this dynamic husband-wife author team explains their book: “A host of silly animals demonstrates the shared love found in all combinations of family relationships.” A book that makes you laugh, stimulates great conversations with little ones, and makes you appreciate the definition of family that these animals believe in which is”…if you love each other, then you are family.” These whimsical animals make this book a kids’ favorite. This is a MUST for your library of love for any young family (birth to early elementary) that you care about.

The Colors of Us – Karen Katz – the large, bold, energetic imagery of the different people Lena and her artist Mom meet while taking a walk will capture and enchant your child….and you!! And then the food comparisons that Katz uses in describing the colors of our different skins adds a new dimension of interest for the reader. For example, “Sonia is a light yellow brown…Just like creamy peanut butter”…or Mr. Kashmir who sells spices in their neighborhood…”He’s the color of ginger and chili powder.” This book offers rich, delicious descriptions and imagery of “The Colors of Us.” A beautiful, creative way to celebrate the diversity of our world that every child will enjoy.

The PEACE Book – Todd Parr:- a board book for little and big fingers alike to enjoy and review the many different meanings of “peace.” For example, “Peace is giving shoes to someone who needs them” with a picture of a striped caterpillar wearing 12 multi-colored pairs of shoes OR “Peace is being free”, as a lone bird flies through a vibrant blue sky filled with white clouds. Parr’s imagery is very simplistic, using vibrant bright colors so that child and adult alike are enticed to pick up this book to see what’s inside. This little book fits in perfectly with my passion project for Peace, Acceptance, and Compassion (P.A.C.) and it will surely fit into any library of love for children whom you care about.

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Granny Pac

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by Grandpa Jagdeep – Kansas on Granny Pac

This is truly beautiful. This is the first book that show the aspects of normal current society captured so….talking about different types of families that exist and what children will experience as they grow up – Jagdeep Buch

1 review for THE GRANNY P.A.C. 2 ™

  1. Jagdeep Buch

    This is truly beautiful because this is the first book I’ve seen about the aspects of normal current society captured so beautifully where you are talking about all different types of families that exist and what children will experience as they grow up…

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