Becoming a Sponsor

Sponsorships on a Corporate and/or Individual level:

Corporate: This sponsorship is a creative, out-of-the-box corporate gift that delights its recipients! The Granny P.A.C.™ (GP) is a unique, meaningful thank-you to employees and/or clients with young families. Your company will surely stand out because of this one-of-a-kind, memorable gift! Wonderlust, our first corporate sponsor, a company that finds untapped opportunities and leverages brands through creative strategic thinking rooted in consumer insights, believes in  the GP messages of kindness and wants to thank their clients in a different, authentic way. And their clients have raved about such a thoughtful gift! A win-win for both parties. Wonderlust went even further by supporting 3 Individual Sponsorships for Granny Kay to place…they certainly do have a lust for making a difference in our world.

Here are a couple of Wonderlust client responses:  “So I haven’t been at my desk in a while but just returned this morning to find a package addressed to me… I had a feeling it might be from the Wonderlust crew! And what a lovely, thoughtful gift. THANK YOU! These books are not only beautiful but of course have such sweet and important messages to them! Wonderful additions to James’s library. Can’t wait for all the bedtime readings we’ll share together over these books!” – Tech client

“Thank you so much for sending me the Granny PAC. My girls love books and these have such great messages! I read “I Like Myself” to them tonight before bed – big hit!” – CPG (Consumer Package Goods) client

THANK YOU, Wonderlust for partnering with The Granny P.A.C.™ ❤️.

Interested in a Corporate Sponsorship? Contact Granny Kay at: thegrannypac@gmail.com 

Individual: These sponsorships are extremely valuable as it allows organizations, families, and individuals who otherwise would not be able to own a Granny P.A.C.™ (GP) to do so. You can choose where you want your sponsored GP to go (must provide contact person, mailing information, etc.) OR Granny Kay can choose for you among organizations and individuals she knows would benefit from having a GP.  Kay will let each sponsor know who received his/her pac, ideally with a picture of the recipient(s).

For example, Emily from Cincinnati learned of  The Granny P.A.C.™ (GP) through social media and told her mom in Florida about the GP, and Shirley wrote: “I love your concept and take every opportunity to promote books so, though there are no young children in my life at the moment, I thought I would be prepared if an opportunity arose. My Cincinnati daughter thinks you will have more of those opportunities than I.  She suggested that you not send the pacs to me but keep them and gift them yourself. I hope this is agreeable to you. If successful without too much effort for you I would be interested in buying more pacs to be put to the same end… All of you who see a need and step up with your time and energy are truly an inspiration. I as one will speak for many….Thank you.”

THANK YOU, Emily and Shirley, for being my first sponsors and inspiring this sponsorship program. Above are only some of the families/individuals touched by their generosity. ❤️

Interested in an Individual Sponsorship? Contact Granny Kay at: thegrannypac@gmail.com and we’ll make it happen!