CPG client

Thank you so much for sending me the Granny PAC. My girls love books and these have such great messages! I read “I Like Myself” to them tonight before bed – big hit! – CPG client through the Corporate Sponsorship program

Tech client

So I haven’t been at my desk in a while but just returned this morning to find a package addressed to me… And what a lovely, thoughtful gift. THANK YOU! These books are not only beautiful but of course have such sweet and important messages to them! Wonderful additions to James’s library. Can’t wait for all the bedtime readings we’ll share together over these books! – tech client through the Corporate Sponsorship program. – Tech Client through the Corporate Sponsorship Program

Deborah – Oklahoma

I received my Granny Pacs and read the books immediately. I can’t wait to read them to my grandsons because I want them to continue to be exposed to the diversity that exists in America. While the stories seem simple, the messages are unmistakable and just right for younger ones. And of course, the bags are a perfect way to package them-so creative!

Alissa, Illinois

Kay, been meaning to tell you that we love our Granny PAC! The books have been my girls’ favorite going to bed stories lately. Thanks for the lovely message and curating.

Sarah M. – Ohio

This is such a unique special gift that’s perfect for baby showers, birthdays and more. A great message with a great presentation.

Karen Katz, Author of “The Colors of Us”

I’m thrilled that you want to include me in your Granny P.A.C.
It is an honor to be chosen.
Your website is wonderful and your message is so perfect for the times we are living in. We certainly need more compassion acceptance and peace.
I will look at your website periodically to see what new books you have chosen. I love what you have chosen so far.
I wish you much success with your Granny PAC.

Sarah B. – Virginia

We love our Granny PAC. My daughter has loved reading the books and we have had many good discussions because of them. It is our number one goal to raise a kind kid – and books like these really do help have teachable moments while snuggled up together reading.

Lee E., Mississippi

Oh my gosh Kay! I received these late yesterday and just finished reading them. They far surpassed my expectations. All are beautifully written and done in a way to encourage conversations about life. I wish my grandkids were here with me now so I could read them to them. You did good girl! Thank you for all your hard work to see your vision through and share it with others. This will be the best gift I give my grandchildren and one they can pass down to their children and grandchildren!

Beth D. – California

We love it! These books inspired lots of questions and deep conversations. Thank you for inspiring us. I’m paying my PAC forward today…!